02 August 2011


    Yay Tuesday! You know what that means by now. Time to be as random as you possibly can. Be sure to link up with Stacy at Stacy Uncorked and if you want, you can link up here as well! Leave a comment if you want and I'll check back tomorrow and reply! (= Be sure those email addresses are activated, so I can reply to your email! Have a great Random Tuesday! 

    • Anyone else need a vacation?? I seriously need one. Especially after spending most of July sick. Let's go here:
    • Pinterest has become my obsession. I love it! 
    • Went to see Little Women: The Broadway Musical in Leeds with my Mama Sunday. We had a lot of fun! (= The actors and actresses were really talented! Mama thought they were professionals traveling around doing shows. But nope, they're locals!
    • Amanda and The Princess celebrated their birthdays Thursday. And on her birthday, The Princess said my name! I was so happy!!
    • Saturday, J's parents were in town, so we went to the zoo in Birmingham. It was way too hot. I was melting by noon. We were there from 9:30am-6pm. With the exception of an hour to an hour and a half for lunch at Lonestar.
    • They gave the animals frozen treats to keep them cool. And the gorillas got frozen watermelons. It was really fun to watch them. 
    • I got up early Friday morning so I would be in bed early so I could get up early Saturday, too. I cleaned the living room for the first time since I got sick. It was horrible. There was so much dust!! By the time I got done dusting and vacuuming, it needed to be dusted again. 
    • I think someone should make this happen:
    • It's shark week, are you skeered yet??
    • You have to read this!!!! Amazing story in pictures!
    • This is the coolest dog! I want to teach 'Bina how to do THIS, but she won't even fetch a ball the right way. LOL.
    • Wanna see some beautiful storms? Check THIS out!
    • These are the cutest baby elephants
    • I'm going to post my giveaway tomorrow! So be looking for it!! :) 

      1 comment:

      VandyJ said...

      I like the stop light idea. Isn't that how most people look at them anyway?
      Cleaning sucks. Cleaning after being sick sucks more.


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