16 August 2011

RTT: ♫♪Whistle while you clean...doot da doot doot doot da doo...♪♫

Random Tuesday.
Bring it.
Keely is still lost in the real world with her job. So, we have to depend on Stacy. She's doing a great job! Be sure to link up over at Stacy Uncorked and keep the random alive! Woot! 
  • I remember almost everyone I went to school with and what grades we had the same teachers, but they don't remember me. Weird huh? I think I was just too shy or something.
  • Started "exercising" with the Wii this week. My shoulders and arms are so sore from boxing. You can sure work up a sweat though. J said he will buy me the Wii-fitness if I promise to use it everyday. Anyone else have it?? My sister bought it for her husband last year, I think. I never saw them use it besides that day. Haha. 
  • Completely cleaned the house yesterday. I swept and swiffer-swept the kitchen and bathrooms, mopped/swiffer-mopped the kitchen and bathrooms and washed the rugs. Then, I dusted, vacuumed and cleaned up the living room. I hung 6 wall plaques and put together a bookshelf we bought last night. I also washed and folded the whites and towels. Yesterday was busy, busy!
  • We went grocery shopping at Wally World last night and spent $193! Someone decided they needed a coffee maker... I programmed it for him last night and he took some to work with him. Maybe it'll be used. I'm not a big coffee drinker unless it's cold outside or my throat hurts. Mama made me a cup the other day at her house and she puts just the right amount of creamer and sugar in it. Yum. :) 
  • Also, at Wally World, J and I got separated when I went to pick up my pictures and he went to pick up the car from the Tire place. I was looking at the front registers for him and I passed a man and woman in an argument. I went by them 4 or 5 times and they were still arguing. They had been up there for at least 15 minutes by the time we went to check out. It just so happens, that the register they were closest to, opened up when we got to them. So, we got to see them arguing some more. Finally, a couple of Wally World managers made them leave. I understand if you are not getting along, but don't fight next to the registers in the main aisle where everyone can see and hear you. Good grief.
  • Jeremy says our new neighbors are not so bad since they're never here. I've only been home since Friday, but he says he hasn't seen them in over a week. Good deal.
  • Our neighbor's cat, Drake came to see my Friday, but I wasn't home yet.
  • Facebook has taken to reminding me of what my status was one year ago. I wonder why I was excited?? It must have been because Jeremy was coming home soon. :)
  • I cleaned the showers and the tub this morning and my arms are killing me! I think I need to do something else besides boxing tomorrow. 
  • Y'all know how I love stumbleupon.com? Now I have it on my phone. :) Coolest thing ever.
  • Check out these cute birds! 
  • Did I tell y'all about the Lorikeets that we fed at the zoo? When I got in the "cage", they flocked to me. I had at least 6 on me at one time. And it was like 99° outside and very humid, so I was sweating like crazy. And the gross thing is, they were licking the sweat off of my neck. Eww. They only tried to bite at me when I moved the cup from one hand to the other and they thought I was taking it away. Haha.
  • Later this week, I'll post the pictures in their frames that I printed off yesterday. They look really nice. :)
  • Going to the library today. Can't wait to get a new book. 
  • I have an eye doctor appt tomorrow. I get to find out how blind I am. Yay...
  • Also, tomorrow, I'm going with Amanda and Mama to a sonogram appt to see the new baby.
  • Friday is the last day to enter the Giveaway! Y'all have to get those entries in!! 60 followers and not even a tenth have entered! C'mon people! You know you wanna win!


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Facebook didn't remind ME. Some of my other friends mentioned it too. Weird. Happy RTT!

I am Harriet said...

I love Wii boxing! I enjoyed the training rather than the competition.

Have a great RT!

Jessica said...

I'll have to try Wii boxing, I don't think I've tried it yet. I have tried sword fighting, that's fun!


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