12 July 2011

RTT: Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts!

 Ahh Random Tuesdays.
Keely officially hates us, so this random rebellion continues. Be sure to link up at the bottom of this post or with Stacy Uncorked.

  • Can you believe that on the 15th, the Harry Potter/ Voldemort battle will come to an end!?!? I think I'm going to cry...
  • J said we can't have an HP marathon since we just had one before the first half of the Deathly Hallows came out. Booooo, you suck!
  • Did you know that Harry Potter {Jr.} existed in Troll before the Harry Potter of the Wizarding world came to be? LOL
  • Mine and J's 3rd anniversary was Wednesday. 
  • Do any of you know where I can find free blogger templates? I can't find a good site other than LeeLou's. And I can't afford to pay for a custom-made one. 
  • Last Tuesday (27th of June), after searching for over 2 hours to find the Facebook Profile of the girl who took our wedding photos, I finally found her here. I contacted her when J was deployed last year and she didn't reply to me. She took our wedding pictures and she sent us 7 of them about a month after the wedding. Then, I didn't hear anything from her for months and months. I had to contact her. She said she was working on a book for us or something. Then I didn't hear anything for over half a year until I messaged her again. She said she had sent us a DVD of the pics, but it must have gotten lost in the mail. I took her word for it, but we never got the pictures and I haven't heard from her since. But not from a lack of trying. 
  • Amanda messaged her today and this is what she replied with: "Sweetie I wish I could say I still had them. My place was robbed sometime ago. I lost prety much anything that had value... Including my laptops, external hard drives that had years of pictures on them. I'm so so sorry. "
  • She could have just told me that when I asked her for them. She probably just deleted them. It seems that everytime I asked her for them, she had a different excuse. 
  • I'm stepping off of my soap-box now...
  • J said that we will have some new pics taken of us soon. I can't wait! ♥
  • As you may or may not have noticed, I completely missed posting my RTT last week. After such a long and eventful Independence Day weekend, I didn't much feel like posting on Tuesday or the rest of the week. 
  • I will be posting my giveaway sometime later this week, hopefully. I took J to the doctor Thursday and he was diagnosed via x-rays with a sinus infection. WTH? That's almost completely impossible seeing as now I am sick too. I don't think we'll be going back to that doctor again.
  • For some reason, my Independence Day post didn't post as scheduled. I finally got it posted though, so check it out if you're interested. :)
  • I'm glad the 4th of July is behind us, I was getting tired of our neighbors shooting fireworks off at 11 at night for almost two weeks...
  • Three times so far this month, I have forgotten that I washed a load of clothes and left them overnight in the washer. The next day, I wash them again because they already smell putrid. What is wrong with me??
  • J and I played 007 on the Wii together Friday. It was fun, but I didn't like the split-screen. 
  • I tried to beat J at Monopoly last week, but I failed miserably. I think I owed him something like $9 million. I tried to offer him favors, but he wanted the money. I ended up just quiting after knocking all of the houses and hotels off of the board...
  • The fair was in town for Independence Day:

  • Amanda and the babies stayed with us last Monday night (the 4th). Amanda was supposed to take Tim to the bus station in Birmingham to go to Georgia for his new job. When they got down there, they told him that only his first bag would be free, the next bag would be $25, then $50 and so on. They told him his pillow would count as one bag, his sleeping bag as one bag and even his small lunch bag would count. So, instead of paying over $125 for his luggage, they decided to drive to ATL. Amanda called and asked if we would mind watching the babies while she took Tim. I said yes and a few hours later, she dropped the babies off. Right before they got here, it started pouring down rain. Then again, after they left, it got bad. So bad, that the power went off. Grrrreat! Two babies, and no power. We managed somehow. I had everyone asleep by 10 and Amanda got in close to midnight, so she just stayed with us. Here's a pic of the babies playing "poker":

  • We've been getting so much rain here lately, that I haven't been in the pool very much this month. I'm never going to get my tan evened out. lol.
  • Is it mean that I don't want the apartment above us to be rented out?? I've gotten too used to the quiet, I don't think I could get used to people stomping over our heads again.
  • We really need more seating in the living room. I'm thinking of getting a love seat or a big fluffy chair...
  • Bina looking so forlorn...
  • My sweet Hubby. Even when he's sick, he still looks so handsome. :)
  • When we went to the grocery store Saturday, J had just gotten in the car and we were backing out. I told him to wait because a woman was walking behind the car. We waited, for her to walk from the cart-return to a vehicle on the other side of our car that had already backed out of it's parking space. Then, they went past us and cut across the parking lot, whereas, we went up the aisle and turned right. J said, and I quote: "Stupid people are funny to watch on tv, but in real life, they're just annoying." {FYI, we've been watching World's Dumbest and that's why he said that.}
  • J's medicine says to not be in the sun, so we can't swim during the day. :( Plus he sounds like he's hacking up a lung when he puts his chest underwater...
I think that's enough random. Besides...I have to go play Gardens of Time...
If you think you can handle the random, link up here or over with Stacy. :) 


    VandyJ said...

    Yeah, stupid people are funny to watch on TV, but far less funny in real life.
    I love playing gardens of time, but then I really like hunt and find games.

    Kristine said...

    I would be so ticked at the photographer. Nothing like keeping you hanging for ages. She should have just told you she didn't have them months ago...

    Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

    J is so right... Stupid people are ONLY funny on tv, with a background music, etc. In real life, it's just plain annoying! Hope he's feeling better soon!

    Pearl said...

    Happy Anniversary!:-)

    Stacy Uncorked said...

    J is right - stupid people are way more fun to watch on TV...in real life they're just annoying! :)

    Hope J and you feel better soon! You can send us some of your rain, I'll gladly give you the excessive heat we've been having...no rain, but it's still freakishly humid! You'd think Mother Nature thought we're already in August. :)

    Thanks for helping keep the Random alive! :)

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