13 August 2012

Meet the newest addition to the Oaks family!

No, it's not a baby...well, not a human baby anyway. lol.
Meet 'Reba'!
{Formerly known as Regina}
She is supposedly a Red Heeler mix, but I think she looks
very German Shepherd. I looked up pics of Red Heelers though, and
she does look a lot like them.
She is about 7 months old and we adopted her from the Madison
Animal Rescue Foundation, MARF, Saturday, 11 August 2012. 
She is super-playful and sweet, loves to chase a ball, play with her squeaky toy
and eats like it's going out of style! LOL.
Here are a few pics I got of her with Sabrina and playing ball with Daddy!
Sabrina's first photo with her new baby sister!
Waiting [patiently] for Daddy to throw the ball.
Not so patiently.
Jumping for it...
Taking a quick break!
And not to leave out my first baby girl...
My precious Bina got a haircut Saturday and she looks so
pretty! I love our fur-babies!
Here's a pic of Toby pretending to be a lion:

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