28 August 2012

RTT: Cat-Interruptus, Online Splurging, Ivy then and now...etc.

  • The most annoying sound on earth is a the sound of a cat grooming itself or a dog licking itself. Disgusting!
  • Does your cat need to be held or "loved on" often? Mine does...especially if I am sitting at my desk doing schoolwork. 
  • What special allowances do you make for your pets? I put a blanket on my desk for Toby to lay on so he doesn't try to lay on my books or laptop.
  • If you have a cat, what does it most like to get into? Mine loves to get into the trash and knock it over. He's always looking for Q-tips.
  • I finally got my plant to look like it isn't dying! My Mama helped, but I have kept it alive...so that counts! 
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  •  Do you like to buy things online? I do. I recently purchased a book for my History 201 class online {but accidentally sent it to my Mom's address...} and a necklace from The {Posh} Daisy! Yesterday I ordered 4 books from the Bargain bin on BAM's website and they arrived this afternoon {Wednesday}! Awesome Sauce!
  • Can anyone please tell me why the pictures I add to a blog post always show up under the last picture posted, or they start at the top if they're the first photo? I always have to copy and paste my text above the photo, because it won't let me rearrange the photo by clicking and dragging. It's quite annoying! 
  • I had to meet J on the base this morning at 11 so that he could pick me up at the Visitor's Center to get me through the gate. I didn't realize it, but my Military ID expired on the 11th and I was afraid they wouldn't let me on base. Anyway, they wouldn't let me fill out the information or renew my ID without J present. So ridiculous! Anywho, I got it all done and hopefully I won't have so much trouble next time! 
Sorry this is late, I've been trying to catch up in my History and English classes and the teachers keep adding more work to do! Ugh! Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!
Head on over to visit Stacy who is still keeping the Randomness alive while Keely has abandoned us for all eternity! is still on sabatical... :) 

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