21 August 2012

RTT: Rhetorical Questions

  • I always think of really awesome random things during the week and I never think to write them down or start my RTT early. How annoying.
  • Why do the makers of baby dolls make the ones with the eyes that close when you lay them down? That is building up little girls' expectations when they're older. Real babies don't close their eyes as soon as you lay them down. Sometimes they scream... 
  • Why do dogs always need to go outside right after you bring them in? My dogs are retarded.
  • Why do babies always poop in the clean diaper you just put on them? 
  • J's car broke down Sunday when he got off the interstate after work... Why do things always get harder?
  • Why are some professors so difficult? The first day of school {Friday, 17 August}, my History professor didn't even have a mail area on Blackboard and still doesn't. Oh now guess what? We have a quiz on the first chapter, due Friday and I don't even have any books because Financial Aid hasn't paid me yet. What am I going to do?
  • Is it fall yet? I'm ready to decorate.
  • I'm really nervous about my Psychology class and History classes. Neither of the professors put very much information on Blackboard. Especially the History professor. And my English teacher doesn't have any assignments up. I'm already missing my English 101 teacher, even though I was ALWAYS doing an assignment in her class. {of course it was a summer semester, so it was crammed into two months.}
  • Why are all the free books for Kindle the first in a series? I hate getting interested in a series and then having to BUY the second in the series. I know...I'm a cheapskate. 
  • J may be going to Colorado for a month. Needless to say...I'm pretty pissed about it. Love that he got this job, sucks that they're sending him away after only working with them for a month. 
  • I really hope my check comes in the mail today or tomorrow. This is so frustrating. 
  • I'm watching "I'm Having Their Baby" on Oxygen....ridiculous how people can just give away their babies...
  • I had to reduce the amount of books I thought I would be able to read this year. I had to look at it realistically and last year I was only able to read 73 and that was before I even started taking classes. This year, so far, I've read 60, so I set my goal at 75. I think that is much more reachable. 
  • I'm pretty sure Reba has Kennel cough, I'm going to take her to the vet if she keeps coughing. She hasn't been doing it as much this week as she was last week. Maybe she's getting over it now.

I'm out of randomness for this week. Be sure to check in with Stacy at Stacy Uncorked for the random link-up! Hope everyone has a great week!


Reccewife said...

Ha, I never thought of baby dolls that way, you are so right! I should sue..... :P

Nadine Hightower said...

Do you know of anyone in the class that you may borrow the book??


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