24 August 2012

You didn't eat your Wheaties, did you?

Finally went to get my books yesterday at the campus bookstore. The little chick running the cash register was rude to me! I asked if I could post-date a check until I received my financial aid check and she acting like she didn't even know what a post-dated check was. Then she asked if I was on "the list." First of all, I don't even know what "the list" is and how can I know if I'm on it if it's not posted where I can check it. She said, "I need something with your name on it." Um...an ID? Driver's License? Student ID? A piece of mail? I can write it on a post-it for you.. I hand her my Driver's License and she takes it to the backroom to compare to "the list." Apparently I'm awesome enough to be on this "list" and she hands me a form to fill out. As I'm filling it out, I ask her if I need to return in person to pay or will they just cash my check on the 31st if I don't show up. She said I had to return in person or they would cash my personal check... UM, duh; that's what I just asked! I told her that I planned to deposit my financial aid in my personal checking account anyway, so it will come directly from my account. She didn't say anything so I just ignored her while I finished filling out the form. I also asked if it was ok if my checks had my husband's name on it and she had to ask her manager. Her manager said that as long as it had the name of the recipient of the financial aid on it, then it would work. The chick said, "But it has someone else's name too." Good grief girl, are you related to the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz? Idiot. So I just filled out my check and dated it for the 31st. We'll see what happens. 
  • Successful Writer's Handbook {English 102}- $60.81
  • World of Psychology & Study Guide {Psychology 200}- $175.20
  • Visions of America Binder 201 & 202 {US History 201}- 87.84
After the bookstore, I headed over to the Financial Aid office to make sure my check had been mailed; it had. Then Mom, Amanda and I walked over to the BDH building for our History 201 Orientation. Online, it said it was in BDH 216, so we waited in there for over 45 minutes until there were at least 10 other people in there, then some lady came to tell us that she was sorry, but the classroom had been moved to 210 and she was late putting up the sign. 
There was already a sign in the front of the room saying that Wednesday's orientation had been moved to 210, so I had already walked down there to that classroom to ask if it had been moved for Thursday's orientation as well. The lady in there asked who I was looking for. I told her "David McRae" and she said "Well, I'm not David McRae. What time is it supposed to start?" I told her "12:30." She said, "Well, come back at 12:30, I won't be here." She was really rude. I didn't eat breakfast yesterday and didn't sleep so well on the crappy bed at Mom's, so I really felt like slapping that lady. Why do people have to be so rude? 
I wanted to ask her why she didn't eat her Wheaties for breakfast...

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