10 August 2012

Where'd she go?

I'm sure you're all wondering what the heck happened to me, but I've just been so busy, there's no time to blog. Plus, I think I lost my mojo for blogging quite a while ago. Lemme catch y'all up real quick on what all has happened since I last posted! 

  • As you all have probably figured out, we moved out of our apartment in Anniston and moved back in with my Mom in March.
  • Jeremy left in March for Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania. He was there over 6 weeks before he came home.
  • I started college in May!!! I took Speech 107, Math 100, and English Composition I.
  • I thought college was going to be really hard and I wouldn't be able to handle it...Turns out, I was wrong. I handled it very well, if I do say so myself and even though there were times I thought I would be making a bad grade, the lowest grade I ever made was a 90 in Speech (and that was the very first speech!).
  • Jeremy was offered a job at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA after he came home in May. I was really excited that he had found a job, but was really apprehensive about moving all the way to PA, especially when we had almost no money saved up to move that far.
  • We were down to the week before J was supposed to head up to PA with our stuff (June) when he heard about a job opening at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. (I had made plans to meet him in PA after my summer semester was over, since I had to be in class for my mid-term, special occasion speech and final for math.)
  • Jeremy got the job in Huntsville a couple of days before he was supposed to leave. CRAZY!!! We were so excited! 
  • I worked like mad crazy on my assignments so that I could take off Tuesday (July 10) to hunt for an apartment in the Huntsville/Madison area. Amazingly, we checked out almost a dozen different apartment complexes before we had it narrowed down to three.
  • The first apartment we really loved, wanted the down-payment for the pet deposit in-full before we could occupy the apartment. The second apartments were willing to work with our credit and they were willing to break the pet deposit up into three payments, which was awesome, so we didn't even consider the third choice in apartments anymore! :) 
  • We were approved for the second apartments (in fact, I just received the letter stating we were approved--weird...) and we moved in the following week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thanks to my awesome Mother- and Father-in-Law and spectacular Husband, the truck got loaded well before 3pm despite all the turmoil that was caused by the Penske rental company (more on that in it's own post!!) and Jeremy got to our apartment a few hours later. 
  • Jeremy and I unloaded a few necessities ( I had completely forgotten to pack a change of clothes for Wednesday, so we had to dig to find the suitcases with our clothes) and the bed, which was halfway through the truck. 
  • Wednesday, my amazingly awesome BFF Jaybee, helped Jeremy unload the truck while I moved the stuff from the living room to it's designated areas. Then, while Jeremy went to take the truck back, Jaybee helped me unpack stuff for the kitchen until J called to tell us that he was ready to be picked up. I couldn't find my keys, so Jaybee offered to run pick him up (in the pouring rain) while I stayed at the apartment with her two kiddos.
  • I finally got all of the stuff unpacked in less than a week! I worked my tushy off (and lost 6 lbs!) and still kept up with my school work.
  • After I was finished unpacking essentials, I had to go to the library to work on my schoolwork since we don't have internet yet. I finished all the homework I could before I left to spend a week with Mama while I finished up the semester and finals. 
  • I rode down to S'ville with Jaybee and the babies, to attend Boo-Boo's 2nd birthday party!! (can't believe she's two!!)
  • Got to see one of my other BFFs, Meagan and her precious {L} at Boo's b'day party! (Super proud of her btw, for getting her Master's!)
  • Spent the week at Ma's and the day before the math final, I started getting sick. By the time we went to take the math final (Amanda and I), I was feeling super-awful and had a fever!
  • Amazingly enough, Amanda and I did really well on the final (even finished an hour before the time was up) since the Professor used the same test as the study guide! 
  • Amanda and I both got 4.0 in our classes! (She took the same math and speech class as I did and I took English in addition).
  • Jeremy's job is going well and although I'm still sick, I'm enjoying the short break between semesters. :)
So, that catches y'all up on what's been going on. I'm thankful I'm still below the Mason-Dixon line and so thankful that J finally got a great job that is not temporary! Woot! Love my family and my friends and don't know where J and I would be without the awesome people in our lives!

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