31 March 2011

Completed Owl Orders

I never imagined the owls I made
for Valentine's Day presents for my family
would be such a big hit with everyone 
else! I just completed { Friday, March 18}
an order for three owls for my friend 
Audrey Allison. They turned out so cute! 
  She has yet to give her oldest sister
her owl, therefore this post won't be published
until she has. {In case you were wondering why
the dates are wacky! LOL}
This is her older sister, Emma's:
 My favorite, because of the yellow! And the
eyes really POP!
This is Audrey's:
 Because her's didn't have the different colored
belly, she chose brown eyes to offset all the white
of the fabric. {The fabric is from a shirt she
provided me with! DISCOUNT if you're thinking of
ordering any owls from me! Just send me your fabric!}

And for her oldest sister, Jessica:
Lots and lots of purple! That's Jessica's favorite
color! The purple looks really great with all the 
little purple flowers! :)

I am currently working on my Store Envy account, so
I can sell these cuties! What do you think? I also
have some other ideas to sell there too. How much
would you be willing to pay for these? 
Leave me a comment and let me know!

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