29 March 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts: I'm going to be an Aunt x4!!!

Random Tuesday Thoughts is usually brought to you by Keely at The Un Mom,
however, she is currently taking a hiatus from hosting. Still, I am keeping up with the 

  • That's right! You heard it first here. I'm going to be an Auntie x4! (times 4!) My sister, Amanda is pregnant with her third! I went with her to see the first sonogram. And I got to hear the heartbeat! It was awesome. It's a tiny little peanut. :P 
  • You know you're an Auntie when you choose what to wear (accessories, how low-cut your blouse is, etc..) according to if you're going to be around your nieces and nephews. LOL. (I almost always wear a necklace and then take it off as soon as I get to my sister's. The Princess thinks necklaces are rattles. Today she pulled the bead off of my shoe.) 
  •  I made dinner two nights last week! I'm really proud of myself. The first night was Asian.

It wasn't that great if you ask me...
  • The next dinner was Mexican. I made a Quesadilla Casserole by McCormick. It was super-easy and turned out awesome! We still have some in the fridge though. Unfortunately for a family of two, the recipe packet serves 8. It's still good even microwaved!

  •  J finally got paid and I put the check in the bank yesterday and then went shopping. (He said I could!) Then when we went to Wally World for a few things we needed around the house, our card wouldn't work. I had to call the bank, and apparently they don't even add your deposits until that night! (I put the check in the bank at 10:14am!) Stupid Wells-Fargo. We still got our stuff. 
  • I got some paint to spiff up my knick-knack shelves. They're just plain wood, so they look a little drab and old school.
  • Last night for dinner we had dessert at Ruby Tuesday's. We split a Blondie for two and a double chocolate cake with ice cream scoops on both. It was so yummy!
  • Right now I'm googling how to cook chicken. Because I don't know. I'm not a cook.
  • Hobby Lobby is having their metal decorations 50% off, I bought several different things. I will post pics later this week. They also have their Easter stuff 50% off! I got several cute decorations and two 12-packs of white plastic eggs for 38¢ each! I'm going to decoupage them with napkins. I got the idea from another blog I read.
  • Due to the business of my day today, this is all the random I can muster. :)

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