04 March 2011

Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-In

I'm a little late with my Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-In,
which is hosted by Wifey at http://wifeofasailor.com/.
I went shopping with my Sister, Mama and the babies. 
We had a good time, but I'm worn out from
carrying The Princess. She's an armful!
1. Do you or your {spouse} ever wish your {spouse} was in a different branch of the military? submitted by The Turner Family
I sometimes wish he were regular Army, and I think he does too. But he mainly wishes he had joined the Air Force. 

2. What duty station(s) are on your “No Way, [Heck] No, Not Going, Have Fun Unaccompanied” list and why? submitted by Every Branch
I married my Hubby for better or worse, so where he goes, I go. Plus there's not much risk of us being moved in the ARNG.

3. If you could be one age forever, what age would you choose and why? submitted by Three Krakens
I liked being 23. I'd like to go back two years and just stay 23. Please? 

4. If you were a breakfast cereal, which one would you be? submitted by the C.W.
Honey Bunches of Oats for the both of us and Fruity Pebbles just by myself. LOL. When I was a baby, my Mama always put my hair on top of my head and my Great-Aunt always called me Pebbles. :P

5. What is your morning beverage of choice and why?  submitted by NH Girl Displaced
Water or Juice if I just want something to drink. Milk if I'm having cereal.

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Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I keep getting better with age. I couldn't pick one to stick with!


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