12 March 2011

Six Word Saturday

Can't believe how
much we accomplished!
We're done unpacking! Well, pretty much anyway.
And it's only been four days since we moved in!
AND, we have house-guests! Jeremy's Mom and Dad are
staying with us this weekend.
I hope everyone is having a great Saturday like we 
are! It's so beautiful here and it's finally warm
again. Last night was 34°F and today it's 72°F!
Have a great 6WS and a great weekend altogether!

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JTS said...

Moving is a huge job, but it feels so good when it's all done. Glad you get to relax and enjoy this weekend in your new home with company... you've earned it!!

Call Me Cate said...

We had guests immediately after moving into our house and it was great but also a bit unnerving. My BIL showed up with his family in the middle of the move (not to help, but to visit) and my parents showed up with my sister 2 days later. Craziness, but I do love unpacking in a new place and putting everything where it belongs.

Thanks for playing 6WS!


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