15 March 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Where did this come from?

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  • Believe it or not, we're completely unpacked. Well... we're completely unpacked with what we want to have unpacked. We left all the junk we didn't know what to do with, with the organization fairies in the storage unit. 
  • Sabrina snores.
  • Jeremy rode his new bike to work today and now it is raining.
  • Every morning this week and last, I have gotten up before 8 and this morning I slept until 9.
  • We agreed to not let Sabrina on the furniture. {Mainly because the couch is white and Sabrina is black.} 
  • This morning I let Sabrina get on the bed while I was sleeping. I'm going to say I didn't know she was there...
  • The only thing I accomplished yesterday, was washing one load of jeans. {Perhaps later I'll tell you why.}
  • I'm currently working on a craft to decorate the house, instead of making the bed.
  • I've never really understood why we even make the bed, since we'll be messing it up when we go to sleep anyway.
  • The lady who lives above us washes laundry every morning at 5 am.
  • My Mama and I think she is OCD. How can one person have so much laundry?? Maybe her dog is dirty...a lot.
  • Did I tell y'all I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism? I despise taking pills. I despise needles even more. So having to take pills everyday and get my blood drawn every month is quite annoying. 
  • On the other hand, it's a great thing to know why I can put a check next to 90% of the symptoms listed for hypothyroidism.
  • I'm thinking of vegging on the couch today and watching The Gilmore Girls...all day. 
  • Jeremy's work week this week will be 40 hours long. Then he has drill Saturday and Sunday. It's going to be a very long week.
  • Next week will be a 72-hour work week. Yep...that's 12-hours a day, 6 days a week. *Sigh* At least it's better than Afghanistan!
  • While unpacking, we discovered things we didn't even know we had! We immediately started a box for donation. I'm sure there's someone out there that will buy that broken candleholder and the wedding album from the 60's. {I was totally going to keep the album until I realized we are never going to get that woman who took our wedding pictures, to send the pics to us...}
  • I found a basket full of mis-matched socks. Donate those bad boys! People need socks!
  • I woke up yesterday to a sore throat and stuffy nose. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to look around and all of the scent packets made my eyes water and nose run. I sneezed at least 47 times just walking through the store. Now I have a full-blown cold. Thank you allergies.
  • I'm on the phone with the AT&T guy to find out why we don't have our modem for internet yet. I am currently borrowing internet from an unsuspecting neighbor. { What? They should have it secured!}
  • When J came home from Afghanistan, the Yellow Ribbon Program had a ceremony for them. J got a Defender of Freedom Ring and several other awards. They gave me a really pretty clock for the mantle {that we don't have}. It currently is an hour behind and chimes 2 hours behind. J put it together, and now we know why...
  • The AT&T guy tried to sell me some more of their services. I felt bad telling him we decided to go with someone else as far as satellite goes. 
  • J took a big chunk out of the corner of a wall in the spare bedroom while he was moving a small side table. I think we'll just wait til we're moving out to have it fixed. lol.
  • While we were putting our entertainment center thingy together, I was trying to open the package with the screws and I stabbed myself with J's Leatherman Tool knife. I feel like it went through the muscle. 
  • Our internet box thingy won't be here until tomorrow, since, as of 4am this morning, it was in Mesquite, Texas.
  • That's all the random I can muster on my lazy day. Check back the other days of the week to see the rest of my randomness.

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Kristine said...

I usually end up with a full box of mis-matched socks every 3 months. I want to know where the hell the rest of them went....

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