09 March 2011

We're Ho-ome!

We are officially in our new apartment! 
J found out for sure he had the job Friday and 
Monday morning we drove up to Anniston to 
put in our application for an apartment.
While we were there, we asked to see another
set of apartments just in case they were
a better location for us. And they were!

The manager said she liked me so much and 
thought I was such a sweetheart that it was 
the only reason she leased the apartment to us!!
{ I'm glad I made a great first impression! }
Because J is the only one with a job right now, the
apartment application for the other place had to 
be put under his name. Therefore, his credit was run
and since his is so bad, that company told
the manager {our now landlord} here that she
shouldn't rent to us!!!
I'm so glad she did! J starts work on the 14th!!

After we filled out all the paper work, we called
to have the power and the water in our name. Then on the way home, we stopped by a U-haul rental place to reserve a truck
J reserved a 17-foot truck, but they didn't have it
when we went to pick it up, so they upgraded us for free
to a 26-foot truck!! It was ridiculously long. 
We headed to Mama's house and loaded up our 2 beds
and the washer and dryer. Then we went to the storage
unit to get everything there. Then we went back to Mama's
to get the small stuff and the bookshelves. { Of course
I kept them out of storage while J was deployed. I had to
have somewhere to put all the books I bought while he was
gone! LOL } But we were so tired when we got home, {It was 
after 1 am} we just blew up the air mattress and went
to bed. 
J let me sleep in, so I didn't get up until 10:30.
We got to work immediately and had almost everything 
packed up to leave by 1:30. When we got to the apartment
a little after 2:30, we started unloading as fast
as we could so that J's friend Joe wouldn't be so 
overwhelmed when he got her to help with the big stuff.
Thank God for Joe, because my back was killing me!!
We were done unloading the truck by 5:30, but had
to reload some stuff to take to our new storage unit.
While J was putting the stuff in the storage unit,
I unloaded the breakable stuff from the car.

As soon as I got to the storage unit to follow J
to the drop-off location for the U-haul, it started
to rain!! It was a miracle that we got done so quickly!
If it hadn't been for Joe, we would have had a lot
of wet stuff! :P

Right now, J is gone to get some Chinese food for lunch.
We got up at 8am, and I was going to make some 
cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but our stove wasn't 
plugged in! J pulled it out to see why it wasn't
plugged in, and the cord doesn't match the outlet!
So, we have to go for 2-3 days without a stove
until our brand new stove gets here!! I'm excited. :)
I've almost finished unpacking the kitchen stuff.
I'm having to wash everything since it has all been
in storage for almost 2 years. It doesn't seem like that
long, but I guess it has been! I forgot I had so many 
utensils and bowls. LOL. AND, we had over 25 plastic cups!
You can tell we were still newlyweds when we packed up all
that stuff, because nothing matches! LOL.
Oh well. We plan to replace a lot of it anyway.
Well, that's what's going on right now. Hopefully
we'll have Internet and satellite by the end of the 
week and I can blog for real!

Hope y'all are having a great week!


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Congratulations!!! I suppose a new mailing address will be forthcoming???

JTS said...

Home is where the heart is, and I'm so glad you're back in a place of your own with the one you love! May your lives together be filled with blessings and happy memories in the making... including wonderful meals made on that new stove! :-)


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