21 March 2011

Pomander/ Kissing Ball Tutorial

I'm sure this tutorial has been done to death
on every blog you read. But seeing it here,
on your favorite blog {wink-wink} is a lot
faster than following a bunch of links. Right?
 Styrofoam ball
Flower paper-punch
Straight pins with "pearl" ends
Pearlized paper {or any card stock paper. Make 
sure you have at least two sheets. Depending
on how large your Styrofoam ball is and how big
your flower punch is.}

Turn on your favorite teenage drama on Netflix.
{I'm only on Season 4, so if you watch it and you're ahead,
don't spoil it!!} Then, start punching out your flowers.
If your styrofoam ball is the same size as mine, then 
you'll need the entire sheet of card stock and part of
another sheet.

After you have a lot of flowers done, separate the ones
that are badly cut from the perfect ones. Bend the 
perfect flowers' petals up and then layer on top of
a non-perfect flower. {I say non-perfect b/c
a lot of mine were cut at the edge of the paper,
so the petals weren't intact on some.} Then, pierce
both flowers through the center and stick into
your styrofoam ball. Like so..
Then stick another flower under the edge of the
bottom flower, layering the petals so no white shows 
through. Like this.
Then put another flower with the petals sticking out
on top. Repeat all over the ball. It's really 
very simple. But if you have any questions, just
e-mail me! :)
These make great spring decorations! But you can
use any colors you want or even patterned paper
to leave up all year round or change our each season!
Put them on candle holders like I did, or on top of 
a vase! A lot of people put them in a pretty 
bowl, but I didn't have one. LOL. :)
I hope y'all have fun making these!

1 comment:

Mowenackie said...

That's a cute idea! Very spring-ish.


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