22 March 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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  • I just finished spot-cleaning the carpet where J's dog, Sabrina tracked muddy feet print all over the living room. J can clean up whatever I didn't get. Ugh.
  • Sabrina also spilled her water all over the kitchen. I swear she pranced in it and was tempted to walk up the walls had I not came back from the grocery store just in time.
  • Speaking of the grocery store, I went to Winn-Dixie this morning to pick up some milk. While I was there I decided to go ahead and get the specials for the week. Buy 3 boxes of Kellogg's brand cereals {Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, or Apple Jacks} and get free: 64 oz. Seneca Apple Juice, 2- Del Monte fruit cups, 12 count box of Pop-Tarts, and 1 Gal. Winn-Dixie brand milk. {That's a pretty good deal right there!} I get everything and when I start looking for the apple juice, I can't find it. I finally asked a gentleman straightening the Pop-Tarts if he will help me find it. We walk back to the juice aisle and whaddya know? They're completely out of the Seneca and they're substituting Winn-Dixie brand apple juice instead. Don't I feel like a big dope for not seeing the 3-inch sign for Seneca Apple Juice with the 1-mm writing, "Substitute Winn-Dixie apple juice"? No...not really, I don't.
  • After getting groceries {They also had Blue Bell 1/2 Gals on sale for $3.99. Even though I have 3 different flavors of ice cream in the freezer, I bought the Black Walnut Blue Bell anyway...} I cross the parking lot to McD's. {I hadn't planned on getting breakfast/lunch at McD's, but our milk was sour so I couldn't eat my cereal at 9:30.} I order my food: Double Cheeseburger, no onions, extra ketchup, medium fry and large Diet Coke. This is what they think I said: Double Cheeseburger, etc., Large Coke, Medium Sprite. What?? That is not what I said! Stupid-heads.
  • After getting home with my super-deals from Winn-Dixie and my lukewarm cheeseburger and too-salty fries, I discover Sabrina's mess and immediately ban her to the patio. I tie her up on the stake and close the door in her face. {I'm so mean.} When I start feeling bad for her, I clean up the water and go to let her in. She isn't out there. I see the lead on the stake wiggling, so I go around the corner of the building and she has wrapped herself around the Direct TV Satellites. She was chasing some one's dog. 
  • We went to bed at 9pm last night. I may or may not have kicked Jeremy on purpose to make him stop snoring. I do recall saying "I'm sorry".
  • We went to Sears last night because J needed some kind of tool for work. I decided to hit up The Dollar Tree instead of walking around the stinky tool dept. When I get in the store, I scratch my left foot with my right flip-flop and it hurt! I look down and there's a sticky magnet stuck to my right flip-flop. I now look like I have been clawed on my left foot.
  • Our upstairs neighbor woke up this morning around 5 am. I heard her take a shower, open and close her drawers and closet. And then she started vacuuming. All before 7 am.
  • Sabrina just took off out the back door. Therefore, she is banned to the kennel. I am just not a dog person apparently. Gimme a cat. At least when a cat ignores you, you know it's justified.
  • This book I'm reading, Poppy Skakespeare is taking me forever to read. It's narrated by a woman living in the Dorothy Fish, a day-program at a mental institution. It is somewhat distracting, probably because the narrator gets distracted easily, being as she is a mental patient. Maybe I should be one too, since I've been reading it for almost two weeks and it only has 341 pages.


Kristine said...

I prefer cats too. Cats ignore you but they aren't as blatantly willful/stupid as dogs. maybe it is because they are too lazy? LOL

Anonymous said...

I swear half the RTT people talked about either cupcakes or ice cream today. So mean!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I wish we had a Winn-Dixie here - sounds like you got some great deals!

I think McD's has the same sort of 'selective hearing' that kids and hubbies tend to have... ;)

Wii Bowling and Champagne Making - RTT

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I shake the bed to stop the snoring!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

I got that same Winn Dixie deal today! I love those deals. I also got a coupon for a free gallon of milk when I checked out. Score!

Keely said...

Your upstairs neighbour is clearly some sort of nutjob and must be dealt with accordingly. 5am??


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