27 June 2011


I am unprepared to do this giveaway
since I didn't think I would reach
50 followers so quickly! 
{And not only 50, but 51!!}
And I was away all weekend and didn't
have my laptop with me to post.

However, I am still going to do the 
giveaway, since I promised! 
I'm thinking of doing a few
of my favorite books. 
What do you think?
Leave a comment on this 
post and let me know what you
want the giveaway to be!

A. A few good books
B. A custom-made owl {of my own design}
C. A surprise!?!?!
D. Any suggestions?

I hope all of my minions followers will
participate in this giveaway! If I have
a great turn-out, I may do more than one 


Chantal said...

I have to say, those owls are pretty darn cute...

Jessica said...

I love a good book! But, those owls are really cute! ;)

Sarah E. said...

That's hard...I love owls AND books!!


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