11 June 2011

Six Word Saturday

Dreamt about someone
I don't like.
(What are my dreams trying to tell me?
To get in contact with someone I don't even like,
that I haven't spoken to in almost 4 years??)
  Normally I love Saturdays, but not today.
I didn't wake up until 10 because I tossed and 
turned all night with my right shoulder. It's been bothering me 
for over a week now. 
What really stinks about it being my right shoulder, is the fact
that I sleep mostly on my right side. And even if I start out on
my left side, I flip to my right while I'm sleeping. *sigh*.
It's going to be a long day.
J wants me to clean out the spare bedroom while
he's at drill this weekend, but I don't think it's
going to get done at this rate. 
I'm currently watching Babar and chillin'
on the couch with Sabrina. 
Nope, it's not going to get done.

Go visit Cate; she's been productive.
Link up with your six words.
Do it! It's lots of fun!


Kimmy said...

I hate waking up to yucky dreams. Then hurting on top of it!! Hope your shoulder feels better soon!!

Happy SWS!

Sailor's Valentine said...

UGH! I hate dreaming about people I don't like. It's happened once or twice in my lifetime. Here's to happier dreams in the future! Great 6 word post! I am visiting you from Cate's blog... :)

Ron. said...

I can't sleep on my right shoulder, either. I have to let Sandra do it.

Fi said...

Had the same problem a few weeks ago with my right shoulder, so I know the feeling.

Bad dreams - maybe it's coming from the pain in your shoulder and is transference from something / someone who caused you pain.

Susan in SC said...

It's hard trying to figure out what our dreams are trying to tell us. Hope your shoulder is better by now!


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