28 June 2011

RTT: The ants get out their little ant cellphones and call up their ant buddies...

"Hey! Come check out this smorgasbord in this kid's room!"

It's Tuesday! And that means it's time to be random and not sound like a crazed lunatic! Keely has been on hiatus for twelve, thirteen, fourteen weeks FOREVER! And since it doesn't look like she's going to be the Queen of Random ever again, we must press on! Because that's what we are forced to do our fearless leader would want us to do!

If you're going to participate in this week's RTT, be sure to link up on this post or over with Stacy; She is carrying the RTT torch and keeping the Random alive! {with wine!}
  • I can never think of random things at random. I have to do them in chronological order or I get confused. Is that random or what??
  • Yesterday, when Mama and I got to Nana's house, the nurse was already there. Behind her car was a giant tree branch that had fallen from the neighbor's tree. Miraculously, it missed her car by less than two feet! This is the branch: {Mama and I moved it to the curb.}
  • Apparently, my Anniversary is Wednesday. Did you know? I didn't. Facebook felt the need to remind me that Jeremy won't be here for our 3rd anniversary.
  • Oh, and that I should message him. Really? How romantic. 
  • I finished reading the book that Chantal was nice enough to let me win in her giveaway. :) If you haven't heard of Alice Bliss, you need to read it. It's really sad, but it's really a great book.
  • Speaking of books. Do y'all have a goodreads.com account?? If you do, add me! I'd love to know what you're reading! 
  • I bought Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Wii! Awesome sauce!!
  • J had bought 007 for the Wii because it came with a gold controller that I needed to play my Zelda game. I tried using it and it was pretty complicated to play with that style, so I tried to take it back. Even though it had only been 4 days, I had the receipt and the game itself wasn't open, GameStop wouldn't take the game and controller back. The guy said that he could give me $5 for the game and $3 for the controller even though they were both brand-new. {And originally the set was $49.99!} How ridiculous is that?? I just kept the game and controller. Stupid GameStop.
  • I promised a pic of my new "do". This is not the greatest pic...sorry.

  • Have you heard of regretsy?? That website is hilarious! I stayed on there for hours last Thursday! 
  • I have exciting news about J, but he told me I'm not allowed to tell anyone yet. *sigh*
  • I spent the weekend at my sister's and Mama's. I left Friday afternoon and stayed Friday night and Saturday night with Amanda. And Sunday night with Mama.
  • Saturday: Amanda, Tim, the babies and I went to Old Navy to check out their $2 tank-top deal. {We were, of course, too late for the sale. It was, after all, 3 pm.} A woman almost ran over us while we were walking across the parking lot!
  • Friday and Saturday night, we played Trivial Pursuit. I love that game! I'm pretty good at it and won once!
  • Here's The Princess giving herself kisses in the mirror at the park Saturday.
  • Sunday, it was too hot to function, so I just chilled at Mama's house. 
  • Facebook is still reminding me that my anniversary is Wednesday. And Facebook is also trying to tell me that Shakira and Avril Lavigne are related to my post... Um, no they're not.
  • Mama and I drove to Trussville to have lunch with Miranda yesterday and when we got to where she works, I noticed a "katy-did" on the windshield. It had ridden all the way from Mama's house. When we left to go back to Mama's, the "katy-did" was still on the car. I checked before I left Mama's to make sure it wasn't still on there and I didn't see it. But when I started down the road, it was still there!! It made it all the way home with me!
  • I steam-cleaned the carpet in the living room Tuesday and trapped Sabrina in the kitchen. She didn't like it too much, so she escaped. 

  • This is the second version of this post since Blogger ate the first. I'm slightly upset, peeved, mad, livid! This post only feels mediocre at best...
  • J has some pretty exciting news but he won't let me share it yet... *sigh*.
  • The whole post title has to do with a conversation I had with Amanda yesterday. Apparently Boog had crushed some crackers all over the floor in his room and the ants had found it. She said that the ants were little "scout ants" and they found the crackers and pulled out their little ant cellphones and called in their ant buddies. {Holy run-on sentence Batman!}
  • I told y'all I would post a pic of our bed after I rearranged the bedroom. I completely forgot about it until now, so here ya go:

    • Mama and I stopped at Dairy Queen after leaving Nana's yesterday. We had some yummy ice cream in waffle cones. It was very messy!
    • I sent J a message on Facebook to tell him about our anniversary, but it seems it didn't help. I told you Facebook, there's no romance in a message. Mmmk? 
    That's all the random I can muster this week. Be sure to leave your link at the bottom of this post! I can't wait to read all the randomness! Have a great RTT! 


    Kristine said...

    LOVE waffle cones & DQ soft serve. Yum!!!

    I have to write my randoms down on a list because I forget. My brain just can`t hold info any more...

    Anonymous said...

    Ew to the bug. Yum to the ice cream. I added you on Goodreads (I'm Allstarme79) and I almost always get nearly killed in the Old Navy parking lot, sale or not. I don't know what that's about! Happy Tuesday.

    Jessica said...

    So I think the ants at my house also have little cellphones to call their buddies in. I seriously sat a plate of food on my desk and within 2 minutes they had started attacking it! What?! I can't wait to here the good news about J! And happy anniversary, early!

    VandyJ said...

    We don't have a DQ anymore. But that waffle cone looks very good.
    I love shopping at Old Navy, but the closest one is over an hour away. Makes shopping there inconvenient at best.
    Have a good week.


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