21 June 2011

Who is noreply-comment@blogger.com?

I love getting comments on my mind-boggling
posts from my minions and stalkers followers
and friends. And I really would love to reply to you all.
If you don't get a reply, it's
not because I am neglecting you. It's your fault! 
No really! When I get your comments in my inbox
on yahoo, I automatically check to see if I can 
reply. If it says, noreply-comment@blogger.com, that 
means I can't email you with a witty reply! 
So, I promise, I'm not ignoring you! 
Please activate your email address!

Here's how:
Go to your Dashboard (click customize at the top of your blog then dashboard):

Step One: Open your profile page, click EDIT Profile on left side of profile.
(If you need help finding your profile page let me know).
Step Two: make sure the box marked show my profile and show my email address are checked.
Step Three: Under Identity, add the email address you want comment replies to be sent.
Optional, change your display name to match your blog somehow?
Or leave as your first name? (I use Whitney, since I use my real name all over my blog anyway.)
Step Four: scroll to bottom and click save!

Now when you comment on my blog, I'll
be able to reply to your witty comments and sage advice!
Thanks in advance! I can't wait to reply to y'all!

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