10 June 2011

Mil-Spouse Friday Fill-In

 These are some really interesting questions this Friday. Are you a Mil-Spouse? Then you should definitely check out Wifey's blog, Wife of a Sailor and join in every friday!

1. When you vacation what type of vacation do you like to take (beach, historic, adventurous, food oriented, etc.)? submitted by Megan Dub-Yuh 
I love the mountains. But I also love unplanned road trips. Those are the ones that I remember the most when I was little.

2. What is your best memory associated with a song (you know we all have tons!) submitted by Ramblings of a Marine Wife
Oh wow. I do have so many; it's hard to think of just one. "When I Get Where I'm Going" by Brad Paisley reminds me of my Daddy. I love that song.
3. If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with your time? submitted by Married to the Army
I'd go on a road trip! I'd visit all the places all over the world, that I've always wanted to see. 
4. What is one thing about you that people do NOT typically notice at first that you wish they would? submitted by Our Motto is Patience
Umm... I can't think of anything. 

5. submitted by The Three TurnersIt's a summer of sequels, and if you had to live in one of each of the following "worlds" (there are three total) which would you choose and why? 
--X-Men: Be a Mutant, what would your power be? Well, I'd definitely be a mutant. I wouldn't want a power that could hurt people. I think Mystique is cool. She can look like whatever she wants.
--Harry Potter: Be a Witch or Muggle? Harry Potter! I'd totally be a witch! I actually had a dream about a Harry Potter-esque world last night. LOL. J and I love us some Harry Potter. We will definitely be in the theatre when the last half of The Deathly Hallows comes out!

--Twilight: Be a Vampire or Werewolf? I'd be a werewolf. I couldn't stand the thought of killing someone to drink their blood. Ewww!

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