18 June 2011

Six Word Saturday

Jeremy left mess
in his wake.

Seriously, he must have drug out everything just to
pack for his two week WLC. It's ridiculous. 
There is clothing, shoes, trash and miscellaneous
junk everywhere! I really have my work 
cut out for me this weekend. 
Not to mention, we have ants all over the kitchen 
counters now. We can't figure out where they're
coming from and we sprayed but they're not going away.
They're actually getting worse.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness we have ants everywhere! I think we built our house on an ant bed! Good Luck with the clean up, husbands are just as bad as kids!;)

Kasi said...

YUCKO to ants in the house. I can deal with the mess just not the ants...Hope you find where they are coming from soon! (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday!)

Susan in SC said...

We had ants last year and it was awful. None so far this year. I hope you can get them out of your house!

Fi said...

It's solely a boy thing - they're like human tornadoes and leave destruction in their wake.

(I have 4 human tornadoes including hubby, so speak with some experience)

Linda said...

I am messier than my husband most of the time. My side of the closet is a disaster...and his is all neat and tidy! Ha! Just the way I roll!

Ants can drive a person nuts...I hope you can get rid of them soon.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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