30 January 2011

71° in January...

Only in Alabama is it 34° one day and 71° the next...
 I live in such a weird state. 
But 71° was the perfect temperature 
to take Boog to the park. 
On our way to the park

Boog had a BLAST! He was all over that 
playground...therefore, we have very few
photos to show how much fun it really was!

His Mommy took the pics of him on the slide
with her Iphone; that's why the quality is so poor.

I'm so thankful that we got to take him to the park.
He really needed to get out some of his pent-up energy.
He was driving us all crazy!*
He was so funny running from one section
of the playground to another. He was so hyper!
There were literally dozens of kids everwhere! 
At one point there were 7-9 kids in line to go 
down one of the slides!

Boog was on the toddler section of the
playground, about to come down the slide,
when he noticed a grandparent trying to take 
photos. He thought she was taking pictures
of him, so he mean-mugged her
and told her something to the effect of:

"NO! Don't do that!"

Amanda and I had to explain to the lady
that he didn't want her taking his picture.**
 (I can't imagine why..we onlytake his picture 
every few seconds hours 
at home...lol)

She had to hide the camera behind her 
back before he would even come down the slide!
And as he was walking past her, he said:

"Stop it!"
LoL. I know he was being rude, but it was
just so funny. 

We really enjoyed our freak-of-nature, random
warm weather. I hope y'all had some nice weather
this weekend too!

*Note: We were already crazy...

**Example of Boog not wanting his picture taken
can be found here.**


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

We occasionally get a warm day in January. It helps us to make it through the winter.

No such luck this year!

What a cutie he is. Glad you had fun at the park!

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Sweet pics!
We stayed outside all weekend. No joke. Morning until bedtime! It was awesome.
PS. Thanks so much for the blog referral! You're too sweet to recommend me to others. I really do appreciate it. Take care!


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