12 January 2011

I know right?: Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday again...let's get Random with Keely at The Un-Mom.

A few days ago this conversation took place:

Scene: The Hubby is watching Mean Girls, I'm on Facebook on the laptop.

Regina George says Boo you {ho}*..

Me: Amy used to say that to me all the time. lol. Boo you {ho}*...it's funny.

J: it's stupid.

Me: No its not, it's funny. You're the one watching Mean Girls!

J: I just think it's funny how mean they can be to each other.

Me: nuh-uh...you're in love with Lindsey Lo-{ho}*.

J: No I'm not.

ME: Yes you are. You love her.

J: Nuh-uh. She's just my crack hook-up.

Sometime later after the movie is over...

J: Hopefully the second one will be just as funny as the first...

(You know he's looking forward to seeing Mean Girls 3....lol)

That's just about as random as I can get this week. J has been sick and now I've got it too. We got lots of snow and ice Monday, down here in Sweet Home Alabama. So we got out and played in it Monday and I got even more sick. Therefore, the only major posts I'm doing this week (or until I feel better) are on my other blog, Capture the Moments. Feel free to check it out. :)

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Note: {ho}* has been changed to protect the innocent. :P

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