25 January 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Being Human...

is hard! LOL. J/K.
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Being Human is my new favorite TV show! I've only seen two episodes so far, but one of the main characters, Aidan is so hot, I know I'm going to keep on loving this show! 
Meaghan Rath as "Sally"
Sam Witwer as "Aidan"
Sam Huntington as "Josh"
This is the first tv show that I've gotten addicted to in a long time. I usually forget about a show, or don't have time to watch it. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with this show and not have to Netflix it later to catch up...like I am now doing with L&O:SVU. 


Remember how I told you J loves the movie, Mean Girls? And that I was sure he would be looking forward to the sequel? I was right...
Sunday, apparently, it came on ABC Family or something. I had been out all day with my sister and the babies. I called J and asked if he wanted to come over to her house since her hubby was about to get off work. He sounded reluctant to come, but agreed that he would be over in just a moment. Yesterday, I find out why he was reluctant to come over... Mean Girls 2 was on. LOL. Bless his heart. He got sucked in. Because, this time, Lindsey Lohan is not in it. In fact, none of the original characters are in it. I read about it here.

And yes, yes that is the same Sam Huntington that played alongside Tim Allen in Jungle 2 Jungle as Mimi-Siku...

You are welcome for that piece of flashback knowledge...

Hope everyone has a wonderful and random Tuesday! Don't forget to check out The Un Mom; link up and join in on the fun!

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