20 January 2011

Wii-mote Control Condoms*

I'm so excited about these that I had to 
give them their very own blog post.

Our new Wii-mote and Nunchuk condoms*.
Awesome huh? Jeremy and I stopped by the Goodwill 
yesterday after we got my license renewed.
(It expired on December 31st.)
Jeremy was looking to buy Mom a new pot.
(he burnt hers the other day when he was
making cocktail weenies in BBQ sauce)
I don't know why he was even looking where the 
Wii stuff was, but he found these Wii-mote control
covers and asked if I liked them. 
Of course! So we bought them.
They were only three bucks for each set!

Jeremy also bought a pair of Ralph 
Lauren Polo jeans for $5.
I can't believe he bought them, but
whatever. They looked pretty good on him. :)

I found these beauties:
I've already read the first two, but it can't 
hurt to own them and re-read them. :) Plus,
they were only fifty-cents apiece. I also bought
one other book, Bungalow 2- by Danielle Steele, for 
my sister-in-law to read.

I love thrift stores. I plan on going to the 
antique mall tomorrow. I'll let you know what 
treasures I find there. :)  

*Note: This is what my brother-in-law calls the 
Wii-mote control covers--condoms. lol.
Since it protects them.

P.S. It's snowing again... 

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