27 January 2011

Tatertots and Jello's Marble Valentine Craft

I saw this cute project,
 on Jennie Pie's blog. She got the idea from
Tatertots and Jello. It looked like a fairly
easy craft, so I thought I would run out and buy 
some frames to make my own...

I had bad luck with it. The frames I picked up at the 
Dollar Tree were horribly made.
The first frames
When I took the back off
of the first one, the cardboard was already torn
and the frames weren't what I really wanted. So I took them
back and bought some smaller, but prettier frames. 
Unfortunately, I had already finished cutting
my paper and attaching the rocks.
But I fixed it in the end...

Here are the supplies you need:
This was just paper I had that I thought looked Valentine's Day-ish.
1. 4 sheets of scrapbook paper 
(I ended up using some scraps, from
a previous project, too.)
2. Glass rocks/marbles.
3. E-6000 glue
First, I took the glass out of the picture frames
and traced around it to cut out my paper
to the right size.
 Then I used my rocks to make a pattern
on the paper. I eye-balled it instead of using 
something to trace it.
Then I put down my line of glue roughly
in the same spot that I had the rocks.
I waited a few seconds for the glue to 
get a little tacky, then I adhered the rocks.

Then, because I had changed the size of
the frames, I had to cut down the paper again.
After you have let your XOXO dry (I let mine dry
overnight just in case). Place them in front of the
glass in your frame. (This will help you keep up
with your glass so you can reuse them after
Valentine's Day.)
This is what I chose to put 2 of my XOs in:
 I'm not sure what I will do with the other two.
I couldn't find two more 5x7 frames.

Then I decided to make two small XOs.


I think they 
turned out pretty cute! 
Also, some of my glass rocks were not round, as you can probably tell. So they were perfect for the X's. (I accidentally bought them. lol)

Here is the finished arrangement:

I really like it. :P 
Hopefully next year we can have our own place
and I can put out this arrangement plus all
the other cute crafts I plan to make for
Valentine's Day! :)

*I hope J doesn't see that I posted that picture of him
on the beach...lol. I love it though. It's one of my 
favorite pictures of him.*

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Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Aww, that's really cute! I may have to try that!


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