21 January 2011

Squirrel Appreciation Day

I know this is really random, but
I love squirrels...lol.
I don't know why. I always have. 
In most Native-American tribes,
animals represent a spirit or zodiac symbol.
The squirrel is to remind us to be a little 
less serious. 
Other symbolisms of the squirrel:
  • Play
  • Prudence
  • Balance
  • Socializing
  • Preparation
  • Resourcefulness
  • Energy
You can read more about animal symbolism here.
When I was really young, we went to Gatlinburg
and a shop-keeper told us about animal totems
and how they protect you and what they symbolize.
I was immediately drawn to the Kokopelli.
(Which symbolizes music and fertility)
The shopkeeper told me to stay away from it. LOL.

But another symbol that really attracted me was
the squirrel. I bought a pocket "worry stone"
with the squirrel on it. I still have it.

A short note to squirrels:

Dear little squirrel:
  I appreciate you. You are cute, with your bushy tail and twitching nose. I love how quickly you scamper in a bounding, graceful way. I love you little squirrel!
                                        your faithful admirer
 Oh I know, I'm weird. LOL. Oh well.



Jill said...

You're so funny!
My husband HATES squirrels... they're called "tree rats" in our house. :)

Dana said...

have you ever heard of sugar bears? Google it.. I'm wanting one so bad. But they're really expensive..


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