16 September 2011

Dear So and So...

I saw this meme on a blog that I read regularly, as it is sent to my email whenever the author posts. {I love that.} 
There are lots of letters I would love to write everyday and this looks like the best way to get my point across to all those inanimate objects that I interact with on a day-to-day basis. 
Apparently, this meme is posted on Fridays, but I may do them on Thursday. 
Check out this cute blog and link up if you want to participate in Dear So and So! 
Dear So and So...

Dear Meagan,
 Thank you so much for this sweet kitty. We love him so much! I'm sorry you couldn't keep him because {L} was a little rough on him. I'm sure she'll be ready for a small pet soon. Maybe a puppy? They seem to be a lot more durable. haha. I'm glad I got to see you this week! I was having Meagan's face withdrawals. Let's not wait so long to hang out next time! Mmmk? Love you and I'm sorry I gave you lice that time in Kindergarten.
Love, Whit
Dear Tobias,
 You are a sweet kitty. But please, stop acting like a little cracked-out, flying-fuzzball. You're scaring the dog. And I love that you want to cuddle, but ALL the time? I can't see the laptop or the tv when you're winding around and around my face with all 3.3 lbs of your orange, furry self. 
Sabrina's water bucket is not yours! Stop trying to drink out of it, you're too little. Or not...
Also, the stuff moving on the screen of the laptop is not your play-thing. Stop batting the screen and quit trying to send messages to my friends on Facebook. It's annoying.

I love you anyway. I'm so proud of you for being a big boy and not messing up the bathroom last night.
Love, your new Mama

P.S. I love that little noise you make when you're eating a treat. Sort-of a purring, chewy noise. It's so cute. Keep up the cuteness.
Dear Sabrina,
 You're still Mama's baby, even though you have a new baby brother. But please, stop being nice to him when you think I'm not looking and being a butt-head to him when I am looking. It's mean and I know you're a sweetheart. Just be nice to him all the time and I'll give you more treats. MMmk?
This is her hate stare.
Love, Mama
Dear Facebook,
 Quit trying to change everything. It's fine the way it is. If you're going to change anything, please tell me when the last time someone was online. I hate sending messages to people and have to wait 3 months for a reply because they're never online. Why do you have a Facebook at all? I'm talking to you, husband.
Thanks for all the fun times FB. 
Dear Thyroid,
 Please stop acting stupid and making my body freak out. I would like to lose weight and get pregnant. You're ruining my life.
Thanks in advance,
Your Host.

That's all for this week's Dear So and So. 

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