20 September 2011

RTT: I hate you Sarah McLachlan

Yes, it's Tuesday and that means it's my favorite day of the week. Maybe not this particular Tuesday, since I woke up with a headache, but in general...

Stacy is still keeping the random alive, so be sure to check out her blog to link up to Random Tuesday Thoughts. I wonder when Keely will resume her reign as Random Queen? 

  • So, as the title implies, I hate Sarah McLachlan and her stupid ASPCA commercials. 

They make me sad and feel bad about yelling at the dog for being
mean to the kitten and for yelling at the kitten to stop trying to eat my face. I mean, am I supposed to be a horribly disfigured Whitney or a kitten-less Mama because Sabrina ate him? That's what I thought. Shut up Sarah McLachlan. I don't have any money to send those poor little kitties and puppies. 
  • Speaking of poor kitties, this one is going to have brain damage if he doesn't get out of my face while I'm trying to type. {I just gave him a good ole dose of morning breath and he still won't get off of my chest.}
  • Had to get up at 5:30 this morning to find Jeremy's name badge for work. He uses it to clock in and out, so he had to have it. I looked in the obvious places; on and around where he is supposed to put it. And I found it in third place I looked; under the bags on the kitchen table. {We went to the Dollar Tree last night for some fall/Halloween decor.} Why can't men find things on their own? I told him he didn't even look. {He probably didn't.}
  • Ever read The Book Thief? Not what I thought it was going to be about; it's better. It's from the perspective of Death. And it's about a little German girl who was sent to live with a foster family in Nazi Germany. I've never read any books like this that are written in the time period of the Holocaust. It's an interesting perspective. I will definitely be doing a review when I finish it. 
  • It is really hard to see what I am typing when there are two little orange ears in my way... Tobias!
  • We went to Target last night after watching a movie. We bought kitty litter, some facewash and make-up for me and some dog treats and spent over $105!!! WTH? EVERYTHING is too expensive.
  • Bina and Tobias are getting along a little better. She still acts like she hates him when she thinks we're not watching. But I caught them on video several times last week, playing. {It's not the best quality b/c it was so dark, but not bad for a phone.} Note Tobias winking at me. :P
  • Until I started playing this next video, Tobias was purring like a little motor: 

  • Sorry all of this randomness is about the cat. He's just so darn cute, I can't help but talk about him. 
  • Did y'all see the giveaway I posted yesterday! It's awesome software, so be sure to check it out! You really need to enter this giveaway! And tell all of your friends! 
  • It's raining today. I LOVE it! 
  • What is the best kitten food to feed Tobias? I've heard that if the first ingredient is corn, don't buy it. Is that true? What do you cat owners feed your kitties?
  • Did you know Roseanne is on Netflix? I'm already on Season 2. I love that show.
  • I love doing these things on Facebook:
    YOUR NURSING HOME FRIENDS : Use the first 7 people on the left side . No cheating!

    Wheelchair races you down the hallways -
    Has to change their depends A LOT -
    Steals your food -
    ... Vaselines your walker handles -
    Steals your teeth -
    Has the booze stash -
    Still gets it on -
    That's enough random for today. I'm still sleep-hungover and haven't eaten breakfast yet. Be sure to enter the giveaway! Have a great RTT y'all! :) 


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Hope your head gets to feeling better, sweet friend! And I'm with you on men finding things. Or rather, NOT finding them. Bert is always asking ME where HIS belt/sunglasses/shoes/wallet/keys are. And the truly crazy part of it all... I usually know right where they are. Ugggh.

Run DMT said...

Those SPCA commercials get me every time. Damn you, Sarah McLachlan.

I love that FB mad libs. I'm so doing that!

Kristine said...

As I type this, I have a bundle of purring beastie on my lap trying to stop my arms from wiggling because apparently I am disturbing her restful slumber... ROFL!

Jaybee said...

Those commercails are just depressing. And no men can't find things on their own. Mainly because they don't put effort into looking for said items,but mostly because they know their wives will do it for them! Lil man is 4 and already does it! It's just part of their DNA!


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