02 September 2011

Take the Money and Run (Far, Far, Away)

J likes the show, Take the Money and Run. I've watched it with him and I think it's a joke. On the first episode, the male participant, Raul Bustamante is actually Adrian Bustamante, an actor!!!
Mmk...maybe they couldn't find any real contestants in time to do the episode. Or maybe they're all fake. I didn't pay close attention to the next 3 episodes, but when J watched episode 5, he pointed out that the "father" looked like Bones' dad. (Bones being the hit-show on Fox starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz). So, I looked up the episode and came across another blogger's comparison. We weren't the only ones to notice the similarities between "Rick Lechleitner" and Ryan O'Neil. See for yourself:
"Rick" on the left, Ryan O'Neil on the right.

The daughter, Trisha Reardon even resembles Tatum O'Neil a little. (You'll have to look up photos for yourself though, I couldn't find any of Trisha.)

After researching a little, J has decided not to watch the show anymore since it is obviously fake. (This show is great example of how lame reality tv is. And that is why I don't watch "reality" tv.)

What are your opinions?? Do you watch the show? Did you notice that it feels a little rehearsed?


Jaybee said...

Thats a bummer. I hadn't seen the show yet, and now I really don't care to. I think ''reality'' t.v. is a joke. I rarely watch t.v. Rooke Blue is my favorite show, I watch it every Thursday night. Rarely I watch Rachael Ray, although I used to watch her everyday. And on Monday nights I buy a movie on-demand. Other than that I know nothing about whats on t.v. anymore. I say bring back Full House, Family Matters & shows like that. Shows that were actually worth watching.

Amanda said...

Bit....I like the show. I love reality TV too. I do think you may be right though.


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