15 September 2011

Oryx and Crake (by Margaret Atwood) Book Review

Oryx and CrakeOryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

Warning: May contain spoilers.

Halfway through the book:

I seem to be stuck in a Dystopian rut; literally and figuratively. Within the past 4 months I have read 5 dystopian novels and this is my 6th.

The first Margaret Atwood book I read was The Handmaid's Tale which was recommended to me by a a friend who used to be a librarian. It was a great book, albeit odd.

This book is beyond creepy. I don't mean scary, I mean creepy: annoyingly unpleasant. lol. Who wants to read about child pornography and child slavery? Not to mention, the old man telling the story is the only one wearing clothing.

Why did M.A. invent all these new animals? Raskunk? Wolvog? Couldn't she have hyphenated the words to make them easier to read? Wolf-dog flows much easier than Wolvog. I keep stumbling over these strange animal names and even stranger place names. HelthWyzer? *sigh* We shall see how it ends...

MMk..well, it took me FOREVER to read this book. I was so reluctant to read it. I didn't like where it was going and I didn't want to find out what had happened to Oryx and Crake. I was really not looking forward to hearing more about where Oryx was before she met up with Jimmy and Crake.

I don't like the idea of the Crakers and I think Crake was an idiot for even meddling with a new human race and killing everyone else. I think it is immoral to grow organs and hybrid foods. And just plain gross. ChickieNobs? Just plain gross.

I don't think I'll be reading any more of Ms. Atwood's dystopian horrors in the near future.

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