11 September 2011

Where Were You?

I can't believe it has been 10 years since the catastrophe that was 9/11, occurred. I remember where I was exactly:
I was in 10th grade,first period, Biology. We were in the lab cleaning and listening to the radio. I think it was 99.5. We heard on the radio that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane. 
Coach House ran down the hall to Mr. Stafford's room. When he came back, he turned on the t.v. in the classroom and we all filed back in there to watch the news. We were sitting in our seats when another plane hit the second tower.
I think the majority of us were crying by then. And I was scared. They put the school on lock-down and we went to our next classes, but we didn't do anything in any of them. We just sat watching the t.v. all day.
I remember crying a lot when I got home and then I busted out the tapes and my stereo. I recorded at least 3 tapes off of the radio. I still have them.
I still cry when I see the videos and hear the songs about 9/11.
I still get sad when I think of all the lives lost due to terrorism and the aftermath caused by it. I had to worry for over a year while my husband and his unit were deployed to the middle east to fight the war on terrorism. I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love, but I still can't imagine how the lives that were affected by 9/11 were changed. Parents, children, friends and co-workers killed by such a senseless act of hate. My prayers still go out to the family and friends of those lost.   
God Bless our Firefighters, Policemen, Soldiers and Volunteers.
God Bless the Families affected by 9/11 and give them peace.
God Bless the U.S.A.
God Bless whomever is reading this.
¤*¨¨*¤.¸¸ ...¸.¤\
\ 9/11 AMERICA \
.\¸.¤*¨¨*¤ .¸¸.¸.¤*


Erinn said...

even though I was only 12 when it happened, I experience a lot of saddness as well whenever i hear the songs, read the stories or watch the documentaries/movies about 9/11. I can't imagine being in high school and having a better grasp on the bigger picture of what was happening.
Thank you for sharing your story

Jaybee said...

I especially love the video of the commercial, I hadn't seen it before. I too still cry. I bought the latest copy of People magazine, and cried like a baby. It is sad but well worth reading. You should get a copy. I'm keeping mine to have in years to come. I still have newspaper articles from 2001.


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