03 September 2011

Six Word Saturday

I'm grouchy today.
Really bad dreams.
Cate is the host of Six Word Saturday. 
If you have never
participated before, 
you should try it! 
Sometimes it's not so easy 
to describe your day/ life/ activities
in only 6 words. But it's worth a shot!
Head on over to Show My Face to link
up and be sure to leave a comment!


Jenilee said...

me too! did not sleep well the last two nights from weird dreams and my daughter was up last night with a bad dream too. what's up? crazy! hope you sleep better tonight!

Tinman said...

Sorry to hear it, hope you have a better sleep tonight, and are in great form tomorrow.

Karen S. said...

Oh I'm sorry! I hope you have a much better day! ;)

Linda said...

Sorry about the bad dream! That does start the day off wrong. Hope you will enjoy the rest of the long weekend!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

So sorry! I do hope you sleep peacefully tonight.

a bench with a view said...

sorry about that; never good to have bad dreams; hope tonight's are more pleasant ones! visiting from 6-word Saturday; hoping the rest of the weekend is a good one!

Fi said...

Grouchy because you've been having bad dreams?

That's not good, here's to sleep filled with sweet dreams

Janie Jones said...

Bad dreams suck. Sorry. Hope you had a better night last night.

Jaybee said...

I'm sorry that you were having bad dreams. Here is to sweet dreams tonight : )

Amanda said...

I love you Bit. Sweet dreams from now on.


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