25 October 2011

RTT: I can't believe I'm 26!

It's been awhile since I've done an RTT. I hope I've been missed! 
Let's make this introduction short and sweet; Stacy is still the host of Random Tuesday Thoughts. Check out her blog at Stacy Uncorked.
I can't believe it's almost Halloween. Isn't it still August!? Haha. Well, anyway, yesterday was my birthday. I'm twenty-six! At least I'm still 9 months younger than J! :P 
I just finished making the treat bags for the trick-or-treaters. I put in two Dum-Dums, a pack of three crayons, a Halloween pencil, two bracelets, two spider rings, a pair of plastic fangs, two peanut-butter Mary Janes, One mini Almond Joy/Payday, one Reese cup mini and around five pieces of mixed candy (gum, jawbreakers, suckers, sweettarts, Warheads, lemon drops, taffy, etc.). I made 23 bags, b/c I ran out of candy. :( I hope that we don't have any more kids than that. I think we'll have to go get more candy anyway. 
 Mama, Amanda and the babies came by to see my yesterday. They woke me up by banging on my bedroom window. Scared me to death, but it was worth it. :) They pitched in together and bought me all three of the Twilight movies on DVD and Mama made me a cake. :) 
 J and I went to Douglasville to eat dinner and then shop some. We got a bunch of stuff at Party City and some stuff for the fur-babies. And some crazy good deals at Ross! I'll take pics later when I post the pics of the Halloween decorations. 
  Unfortunately, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and stuffy nose. I feel pretty awful, but still have a million loads of laundry to wash,dry, fold and put away {lots of smokey camping stuff}. I'm gonna end here. Hope everyone has a great week and Happy Halloween! :)


Bren @ 4-Legged Mom said...

First of all, from one military wife to another, thank you to your husband for his service and to both of you, thank you for your sacrifices! My husband is now retired after almost 22 years in the Air Force. It's a hard life but very respectable! Oh, Happy Belated Birthday too!

Caught your link on the ramble hop and glad I did! Nice to meet you!


Chantal said...

Happy Birthday!!

Jaybee said...

Umm hello? can I get one of those trick-or-treat bags for myself???? They sound pretty awesome! It's funny that you went shopping at Ross! Shelby and I went there last night too!


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