22 October 2011

Six Word Saturday!

I'll be twenty-six
on Monday!

J said we could do whatever
I wanted to do for my birthday weekend since
he has to work on my birthday, Monday.
So, we went camping last night
in the Talladega National Forest and we nearly
froze to death. It was at least 32°F and even
though we had three blankets, I was still too cold to
sleep. Not to mention the dogs that were barking
all night. {We think some people were coon hunting}
And Jeremy either has a cold or some allergies
b/c he was all stuffed up last night and was snoring 
SO loud! 

Check out Cate's blog, Show My Face to
participate in Six Word Saturday!

We still had a lot of fun. :)


Olivia said...

That does sound fun! Our family is going camping in 2 weeks. We're going to freeze too. : )

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday!

That corgi :) said...

Happy early birthday!! I hope you have a great day! sounds like an interesting camping experience! Just stopped by from 6WS :)


Karen S. said...

Hey, it's Monday, and it's still yuor birthday! Hope your having the best birthday ever!

Jaybee said...

Glad you guys had fun despite being cold. I've heard that it's pretty there, but I have never been.


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