04 October 2011

RTT: I don't feel like it.

So I'm not gonna.
I just cleaned the house
and I don't feel like blogging.

But you should. And check out 
Stacy, the current Random leader,

Well, one random thought:
Why does my kitten put his
toys in the food or water bowls? 

Here's a pic of some cuteness:


Cathy Kennedy said...

He's a cat. Need I say more? lol

Thanks for randoming a little with us! =D

Kristine said...

My cat has to touch the water and food too. I always chalked it up to lousy eyesight or no depth perception. Maybe she is just a freak...

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

We have that same quilt!

Cats are so funny. Maybe yours likes getting in the water. My mom has one that hops up on her utility sink a CRYS until Momma turns the water on. Then the silly cat splashes, drinks, and wets her head as long as momma will leave it running! Guess she didn't get the memo that cats are supposed to hate getting wet!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I've had those days where I just don't feel like blogging, let alone doing anything at all. :)

Maybe your cat is trying to feed his toys, then wash them off? ;)

LOVE the picture!!

Thanks for randomizing with me, even though you didn't feel like it! :)

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