08 October 2011

Six Word Saturday

Playing Farmville and
posting book reviews.

It's going to be a short day. Jeremy is at work. :(
I'm at home and waiting for him to get off, so we 
can go grocery shopping. He's going to feel like
he's not having a weekend at all.

Go see what Cate is up to at Show My Face 
and let her know what you're up to this Saturday.


Ron. said...

Yeah, I had me one of them Ville farms once, but gave it up for more productive pursuits.

Mary said...

I've never played farmville, lol. Enjoy your day doing what yo love...

(visiting from 6WS)

That corgi :) said...

I have yet to play Farmville, but I hear lots of people like it!! Seems like you were having a relaxing day! Hope the shopping expedition went well! Just stopped by from 6WS :)

enjoy Sunday!


Tami said...

I've never played Farmville, but I'm certainly capable of spending hours in front of a computer game. Hope you had a fun day!

Karen S. said...

Well, enjoy your day...in everything you do!


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