11 October 2011

RTT: You had me at Pinterest

Tuesday. Yay! 
 Stacy is still the Random Queen until Keely decides to take the throne again. I miss her. :( But Stacy is a pretty awesome ruler, if you ask me! Check out her blog, Stacy Uncorked. Leave her a comment and link up to RTT. Go forth and be random!

  • Lately, it's gotten to where I don't want to do anything but play Farmville. I need to ween myself off of it some. I haven't played it in over a year and they have all kinds of new stuff going on! 
  • Yesterday, I spent 2 hours decorating the house for Halloween! :) I'll have to post some pictures later this week. I didn't feel like busting out the camera. {That's weird, right?}
  • I just gave Tobias a bath. He's pretty mad at me, which is just what I wanted. He was driving me INSANE! He always wants to lay right under my face and I can't see the laptop/tv/book that I'm working on/ watching/ reading. So, I gave him a bath, so he can spend the next hour "drying" himself. LOL.
  • J and I watched Hellraiser last night. Really creepy. I hate the chompy guy. His name is Chatterer. I'll put a picture on here so y'all can be as sufficiently creeped out as I am:

  • Are y'all ready for Halloween? We are. We've been watching scary movies to get ourselves ready. We watched Scream 1-4, Jason X, Trick r Treat {which had no plot, what-so-ever and really annoyed us.}, Halloweentown, Hellraiser, Coraline. Actually, I watched Coraline by myself last night. J fell asleep at 7:15. I kept trying to make him go to bed, but he wouldn't. So, he slept on the couch during the whole movie. *sigh*
  • I have an addiction to Pinterest and it would appear that half of Facebook does too. LOL. I even got stuck pinning last night around one am! {from my phone, no less.} 
  • Speaking of Pinterest, I saw this while I was stumbling:
  • We bought the supplies yesterday. FYI, Hobby Lobby is having a great sale on their jewelry supplies. I got the string for less than two bucks! The straight pins I bought at Wally World for around $2.67. This is gonna look so cool! :) 
  • I just got stuck pinning for 30 minutes while looking for the above pin. *sigh*. Pinterest will suck you in, man!
  • And just now I got stuck stumbling. This is a cool site, check THIS out! You draw your own stickman and then it comes alive! And offers you tea and cookies. Not really, but it does become animated and you can interact with it. :P
  • Well, Tobias loves me again and is currently blocking the laptop, so I'll let the randomness end here. 
Hope everyone is having a great week. Happy RTT!


Kristine said...

Pinterest sucked me in big time. So much inspiration...never enough money. LOL

Cathy Kennedy said...

How have you managed to stay away from Farmville for a year? Share your secret please! I mean, I find myself mindless going through the farming process and yet I can't just stop. Speaking of FV I need to go harvest my crops! I guess it's a good thing I visited your blog,right? =D

Couponing,Columbus Day,Justin Timberlake, & To-Dos with RTT

Meagan said...


Jaybee said...

Ok first of all lets talk about you not wanting to get the camera out!!!! Better check yourself for a fever! Second I'm with you on the movie thing. And the tree thing on the wall!!!! OMG LOVE IT! Makes me want to make a ''birch'' tree family in the living room! haha!


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