03 February 2011

Dear Punxsutawney Phil:

OK groundhog, where is this warmer weather you predicted?
Because currently, here in Alabama, it is snowing.
(Not that I'm complaining; I was just expecting
warmer weather--sooner.)

 I think you lied Punxsutawney Phil; I think
you're just a little groundhog that doesn't know 
what he is talking about.

I will now refer to James Spann for
all my winter weather advisories...

Yes Phil, this is how it's going to be...
Good-bye Phil,
ONE of your faithful followers haters!

**Note: I don't actually hate Punxsutawney Phil or snow.
I just wanted it to be spring... and this was a 
good opportunity to profess my love for James Spann. ;)

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