22 February 2011

Why do they call Spring the Season of Rebirth when everyone is practically dying?: Random Tuesday Thoughts

So, yep, it's Tuesday again. Time to get random with
Keely The Un Mom.Be sure to visit her blog and link
up to join in on the randomness.

 The weather outside is beautiful, and has been
for several days now. It has been cloudy all weekend
and today, we can finally see the blue sky.
Which of course, if the weather is nice, it means
I'm stuck inside dying because I can't breathe because
I'm sick. My throat is killing me, despite the lack of 
tonsils. And there's so much snot in the back
of my sinuses I feel like I might choke at any
given moment. Please excuse my bluntness, I'm
slightly irritable.


I went to the doctor yesterday to have my "lady bits"
checked out. That was a nerve-racking fun experience.
At least I had my awesome sister with me. Am I a 
big baby or what? {I should find out in a week or so
why stuff is just not working right. I'm sure y'all
just want all the details right?}


After my doctor's appointment, my sister and I went
out to eat at Logan's where I had the nastiest salad
ever. I knew bacon, deviled eggs and balsamic vinaigrette
was probably not a good combination. Dessert was great 
though. When we finished eating we went by Claire's just
to see what they had and I got lots of great deals! Four
bracelet sets for $1 each! One necklace for $1 and 
another for $4.00. They are really pretty and very me!


Did I mention it feels like spring outside and I'm 
pretty sure the trees and flowers are out to get us?
Seriously, pollen should be classified as a bio-chemical
weapon. Don't read this wrong and think I hate spring,
because I don't! I love spring, I just hate getting
sick every year because my stupid sinuses don't 
want to get along with the pollen spores that
are racing their way into my brain every time I 
inhale. Ahhh sweet oxygen... Who needs it?

Maybe if I go hack down breathe on the plants some,
they'll quit attacking me with that yellow gunk.


You did want to read about something  random,
and not just lunatic plant-killing mumbojumbo by me,
right? Then go check out The Un Mom like I told
you before! You'll love her, I swear! 


Anonymous said...

I'm not fond of Logan's in general. Ew.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I hope you feel better soon - your throat, sinuses AND lady bits!
Happy Tuesday!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Sorry you're not feeling well - I'm just getting over a sinus infection so I feel your pain... ;)

Love finding great deals at Claire's! :)

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