12 February 2011

"I Love You" Sign

Everyone uses the symbol for "I Love You".
{Even little babies can say I Love you!}

But do you know how the sign came to be?
It is American sign-language, but 
it is used all over the world! 

The sign is made up of 3 different letters.




Put them all together, and you get:
 "I Love You"

A couple of cute ways to say "I LOVE you"
across a crowded room are by mouthing:
"Olive Juice"
(this is my favorite!)
"Elephant Shoes"

Or you can say it at home with sticky notes 
 like I did at our apartment in 2008:

How do you tell your LOVEd ones how 
much they mean to you?


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

We started the I love you sign before Julia was even born. We like to make the sign and touch our fingers together.

Very extra cute with the baby fingers!

Stacey said...

I love this post. Lately my way of telling my husband I love him is to email him every day so he has something to look forward to.


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