09 February 2011

Wooden Picture Frame Makeover

I was feeling a little sluggish yesterday, but had promised myself that I was going to do something with all the stuff I have been buying. So here is a short tutorial with horrible pictures.  {I need an assistant to help me take pictures. The lighting is horrible in the room I craft in and so this is what you get.}
{I got these cute XOXOs at Hobby Lobby for $2 each. Cute huh?}
Supplies I used:
1. wooden frame (from Michael's)
2. felt in any colors you like
3. red paint, white paint
4. small paint brush and sponge brush and 
something to put paint in.
5. thread to match felt
6. pins to hold roses together before sewing
7. glue-gun
First I painted the frame red, using the sponge brush.
(I started the project several days in advance 
before I started taking pictures. So, the paint had a lot 
of time to dry.) Don't forget the sides of the frame!
Also, I painted the stand on the  back. Don't forget it   
if you used the same kind of frame I did. I used a 
clothespin to hold it, so I wouldn't get paint
all over my hands. {I did anyway.} You don't
have to necessarily paint the part under the 
clothespin, since it will be inside the peg-hole.

After the red paint dries, mix your white
with water to make it go on more smoothly. Then,
using quick strokes, brush the white on with your 
small brush, to make the frame look weathered. 
{Around the edges and on the inside edge where the frame
would get the most wear.} If you mess up, you can
just cover it up with another coat of red.

While the paint is drying, you can make your
roses. Cut your felt into a strip about 6 inches long
and 1-2 inches wide. Depending on how large you want
the rose to be. Then fold your felt strip in half
lengthwise. (hotdog style!)
Start at one end and roll the felt around into a coil.
On the larger roses, you can twist the felt 
periodically to make extra petals.
 When you get to the end, use a pin to hold 
the rose together in a few places. Then, thread 
your needle with the thread that matches the 
felt the best.
{I doubled my thread to make sure it didn't break
through the felt easily when tugged.}
 After pushing the needle through the rose
a few times in different locations, tie off
the end of your thread and remove the pins.
Your rose is done! 

After making several roses {if you plan to use more
than one.}, your paint should be dried. Using your
glue-gun, attach the roses in one corner of the frame.

Your frame is done! {Be sure to attach the dowel
in the back to help it stand up.} Stick in a picture
and add it to your Valentine's Day decorations! 

{If you have any questions about this project
or anything else, feel free to email me!}

While making this frame, I had a little helper 
come to visit. You might recognize her as The Princess.

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Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

Hobby Lobby sounds like a delightful place. Your frames look lovely. Are you aware its snowing hearts here? You're really in the February spirit!


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