15 February 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

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I can't believe Valentine's Day is already over. It's a good thing we have so much candy left over, huh? Yep...thought so. Excuse me while I unwrap a oddly shaped heart-shaped Reese's peanut-butter cup. Did I mention I'm looking forward to the 75% off sale on V-day candy later this week I'm dieting? Or at least thinking about it... *sigh*
I had a great time with my Valentine yesterday. We slept in super-late...well, I did anyway. (I couldn't go to sleep Sunday night or last night for that matter; I'm still awake.) We ate at Sonic for our romantic on-a-budget dinner and then went shopping. I got two pairs of jeans and some socks...woo-hoo! J got a belt. I'm sure he's enthusiastic about it though. I'd ask, but he's currently sawing logs. {You didn't know he was a lumberjack?}

After shopping, we went to see what was playing at the movies. We bought our tickets for Sanctum and The Rite. Then, we went to get a drink at Buffalo Wild Wings to pass the time. It got boring really quickly when the only sport they were showing was women's basketball. {No offense, we're just not basketball people...} So we browsed the clearance section of the Christian Bookstore. {We got some really cute magnets and bookmarks for mere pennies! My favorite magnet says: "God Recycles: He made you out of dust! Gen. 2-7".} After we spent about 15 mins. in the Christian bookstore, we were burning up, (they still had their heat on and it was 65º outside!!) so we went to the theatre. 

We had over an hour and a half til the first movie started, so we bought our popcorn and drink and then J played a few video games in the arcade area. Then we watched both movies and came home. We spent the next 3 hours reading. {Aren't we romantic?}
After being so excited about giving out my home-made Valentine's, I only got to give out 2! Mama really liked hers and J was kind of indifferent since he had already seen my sister's. (I had to bounce ideas off of someone, didn't I?) I plan on giving the others out today. {Sorry Joey, yours is going to be even later than planned...I promise it's going to make it to you eventually.) I can't show you what I made yet, since I haven't given Joey, my pen-pal, hers yet. Sorry!
Did I tell y'all what I made J? 

I got the idea here. (And yes, I copied the same paper they used. It was pretty and I just so happened to have the same. exact. paper. Weird huh? It was my paper's destiny.) I changed the design around just a tad, since I don't have a sticker maker, {but would gladly accept one!} I used a Xyron laminating roll to adhere my little sayings to the cards on the pretty side. {The blog I got the idea from put them on the "face" of the card. I decided it was too busy.} And I searched high and low and even got J to help me look, for the rings that hold together index cards... but nowhere had them! Michael's and two Wal-marts were out of them! It's a disgrace! So I used ribbon instead. It works fine for now, but it's hard to turn the "pages".
 These are just 4 of the 52 things I love about
my Hubby! I love the way they turned out!

That's really all the randomness I have this week. I might surprise you later on by having a bit of randomness Thursday. Who knows. I hope y'all had a great weekend and a great Valentine's Day! Now, go visit Keely and let out some randomness!


Anonymous said...

That's the cutest valentine's book! I was thinking about making my husband one and then time got away from me. Nice work. :) Happy Tuesday!

Kristine said...

Love the Valentine's book!!!!

Happy RTT!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Your Valentine's day sounds wonderful - low key - relaxed and fun!

I love the Valentine book! How sweet!


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