08 February 2011

Mullets: Fashionable or NOT?: Random Tuesday Thoughts

*sigh* I love Tuesdays. :) Tuesdays mean I can be as random as I want to be and no one will think I've gone off my rocker... maybe. Especially not Keely, the host of Random Tuesday Thoughts. When she's not out saving the world, you can find her at The Un Mom.

Last Tuesday I took my sister and niece and nephew 
to a few doctor appointments. The Princess had to
have her 4-month check-up that she missed by a
few weeks couple of months. Turns out, she's a very 
happy, healthy and smiley baby girl! 
See for yourself here and here:

 Wednesday I went with my Mom to Wally World
and she bought some dog food and chew sticks.
See José enjoying one here. I also bought a few craft
supplies for a project I'm working on. (Tutorial
later this week!)

Thursday I did some crafting and posted 
a tutorial here. I really love how it turned
out and plan on making a few more this week,
along with my Valentine's Day cards. :)

Friday I didn't really do much of anything,
except make a Facebook Fan Page for my blog!!
(Be sure to become a fan if you follow my blog!
I'll love you forever!! And possibly make
something for you! ;))

Friday night I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up 
all night entering pictures into contests on
Photobucket. You can read about my entries here. I
also watched Khloe snore for about 4 hours. 

Saturday I watched the most beautiful sunrise,
 blogged my Six Word Saturday and praised God
{still praising Him} because Jeremy got a job
interview!!! His interview was Sunday at noon
and it sounds really promising, because he has 
a drug test this Friday!! YAY! Total Excitement!

We also went out to eat at our local Waffle House:
 (I had chili...too many onions though.)

and then we went shopping; J let me buy
a LOT of scrapbooking/ crafting supplies. (Watch
for the tutorial later this week to see how I used my 
supplies!) I saw these:

 They were almost $3 for only two!! So I bought
some ribbon and tried to make my own...here is what
mine looks like:
Not bad if I do say so myself. (Look
for them in future projects! :)

Sunday, I slept in super-late because I felt
absolutely awful. When I did get up, I found 
out J's interview had gone well. I pre-ordered pizza 
and then watched The Princess so my sister
could take Boog to the park. After The Princess
fell asleep, (we left her with Mom)
J and I went to town to pick up the
pizzas and get Mom some Subway. (How annoying 
are those 5-dollar-foot-long commercials?) 
Then, we came back home, picked up The Princess
and headed to my sister's house to watch the game.
(I'm bummed the Steelers didn't win; there's
always next year!)

Oh yeah... when we were in town picking
up the pizzas, I noticed the temperature gauge in
my car:
 It's broken again. Sometimes it works,
but most of the time it doesn't. It looks
like my car might explode at any minute! 

 Monday I went with Mama to Nana's. I did Nana's nails
and then we went to Wally World (where I got a few 
more supplies I needed for a project for V-Day.)
Saw this lady at the checkout:
 (Do people really think mullets look cool?)

 On the way home, Mama stopped by Hobby Lobby
so I could check out the clearance section. I only
spent $25, but got some great deals! I plan
on crafting all day tomorrow. :)

That's pretty much my week. I can't wait to see what randomness Keely comes up with. Be sure to check out her blog at The Un Mom. Don't forget to link up and check out some other random people too! Happy Random Tuesday! 



Momma@Live. Laugh. Pull your hair out said...

Love this post and cant wait to see your flower tutorial!

Kristine said...

Wonderful job on those bows!!!

Happy Random Tuesday!!

kendrasue said...

Over from RTT. I see mullets more frequently than I would like to on men and women and I can't understand how they look in the mirror and think it looks ok!

And your scrapbooking ribbons turned out really good. You probably saved a bunch of money too!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the idea for mullets came from and why it ever caught on? That lady's reminds me of Billy Ray Cyrus's from the 90's. And it was BAD. You know what they say about mullets: business in the front, a party in the back. Woot! No, though, mullets are awful.

Nicole said...

Ummmm, Waffle House. When we first moved to NC (years ago, when I got married---we moved there from NJ), we passed a Waffle House on the highway and I blurted out to my hubby, "Look, Waffle House! I love Waffle House!" I was silent for about 20 seconds before I added, "I've never actually been to one."

I was just all jazzed up to try Waffle House. And once I did get to one, I loved it with gusto.

Katie said...

WOW! That bow you made is absolutely adorable!!
And your doggie is super cute.

Keely said...

Um...are you SURE it's not going to explode?

I would just put a piece of tape over it so I couldn't see that, myself.


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