22 July 2010

Aunt Bit-Bit

So...yesterday was a really exciting milestone...

The Boog said "Bit-Bit"!! Which is what he'll call me instead of Whit-Whit...since his Mom thinks he wouldn't be able to say Aunt Whit-Whit. *rolling my eyes here* And she says it's cuter. I'm just so excited he said it!! Now we have to work on getting him to say Uncle Jeremy, before Jeremy comes home. 

So anyways...I think I need to join one of those anonymous groups..

Me: Hi, my name is Whitney...

Group: Hi Whitney. *clap, clap, clap*

Me:..and I have an addiction to StumbleUpon.com. 

Group Sponsor: *nodding* Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Me: Well I definitely have a problem...I stayed up until 0400 (that's 4am to you civis ;) this morning, clicking the stumble button....

And the meeting would continue from there. It's seriously a problem. I blame it all on Mom, who told me about Stumbleupon.com last week. I recommend it if you're bored...but not if you're prone to acquiring addictions. :P

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