11 July 2010

Summer Sunday: Does God....

think in English? 

I know it's weird. But then again, so am I. 
I was trying to sleep the other night and since I couldn't get comfortable, I was thinking. 
Say you can speak Spanish, but English is your first language. Most likely, you're going to think in English. But God can probably speak all languages, right? So which one is His first? And lets say it's Hebrew or something...does He think in Hebrew or English?
I know it's a weird subject, but it amuses me to ponder such odd things. I'm "saving up questions for Heaven".


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

Hey Girlie,
I'm a little behind on reading everybody's blogs, and I'm just getting caught up. Your post about Jeremy and your phone conversations made me cry! I'm so sorry, Whitney. I cannot imagine. I am praying for y'all. And I loved the pics of you with Boog! And your random thoughts always are fun too. Hang in there, sweet girl!

Whitney said...

That's alright. I appreciate you reading mine. :) Sorry I made you cry. :( I have worse conversations unfortunately.
Thanks for your prayers, we can always use as many as you can send out way. :)
Thanks for the encouragement!


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