23 July 2010

Flash-Back Friday

Saw this Tuesday, over at The Un-Mom and had a good laugh. Mom turned me onto StumbleUpon and I've been feeling nostalgic ever since. Thought I'd post a few of the nostalgia that I remembered after seeing the ones posted at I'm Remembering!.

There's Bed-Bugs:
Here we are playing it:
That's me on the left, Amanda on the right and Mom's hand.
Side note: We used the bed for a Barbie bed after we lost all the pieces. :)
Remember 3D Doritos?? I loved those things...Maybe they'll make a come-back...
I wish I had one of these--Pillow-People:
Fuzz-ball stickers...I had one until recently, when the dog decided it was good chew-toy....sad day:
I loved to read books even then...here is one of my favorites:

Why do they not still make these?!?!
And these, we called high-tops, L.A. Gear Sneakers:
Here I am wearing mine..(in first grade)..freakishly-tall kid in pink/white striped thingy with the brown ponytail...squinting because undoubtedly, it was bright that day:

The other girl in the pink/white-striped dress is still my BFF!

And of course, who could forget the "Little Barrels of Juice":
And who didn't have stick-on earrings? My ears were pierced and I still had these!
So I totally expected Mom to still have these, but she threw them out a long time ago, she says:

And all school memories wouldn't be complete without one of these fortune tellers, I was so sure I was going to marry Steven Teal:
Speaking of school...remember these lunches? They were my favorite!!! who took a pic of their lunch??:
 And last, but not least, wax-bottle candy:
 I totally had some of these not too long ago. They were sitting on the dashboard of Jeremy's car, he took a curve too fast and the went sliding out the window...last time I've seen them. :(

Well, that's it for my Flash-back Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend! This was so much fun, I think I'll do this every Friday! Feel free to join in! :)

NOTE: For some reason, the pictures don't always show up. :( I'm not sure why this is happening. I do apologize.

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