02 July 2010

Eclipse in July...

That's right Twilight fans! I saw Eclipse today! Don't worry, no Spoiler Alert here. I'll just say that, as long as you don't think about the book, the movie can stand on it's own. :) 
 I am most definitely buying the movie when it comes out on DVD! I can hardly wait! 
Also I saw the previews for quite a few movies that I REALLY want to see. Including: The new Narnia, Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows and of course Breaking Dawn!! (no preview) I'm so excited! 
I told Lindsey(who hasn't blogged in awhile) that Jeremy and I would probably be spending quite a few days at home watching Netflix and Redbox movies so he can get caught up on what he missed. LOL. 

I look forward to it! :) 

Hey it's JULY y'all! YAY! Not too much longer before this stupid  deployment is over!!! Hooah! 

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