05 July 2010

MBM: Monotonous Monday...

well..you know what we did today...went to Nana's. Also went to Wally World to get her groceries instead of Johnson's since she needed new house phones. I got some purchase pleasure from that and they weren't even my phones! I also got a really cute travel pillow on sale. Because can never have too many pillows. Plus this one is patriotic! :) Here's a pic, (pillow in the middle):
 Ignore the mess please. :)
I know it's not Tuesday, but it's never too soon to have a random thought. You know when you're microwaving something and that last minute just seems to take For.ev.er...? Well, there's actually a word for it- microwave minute. Now you can totally use that in a sentence! :)FYI...just to keep from having "microwave minute syndrome", I set the microwave for like 2 minutes over even if I'm only microwaving for 2 or 3 minutes. That way when I think it's warm enough, I can just get whatever it is out with 1+ minutes to spare. :) Clever huh?

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